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RSS feed for UK Digital TV Engineering Schedule

I've created an RSS feed that collates the DTG Engineering Schedule to provide a summary of the available firmware updates categorised by Manufacturer.

It's still under test at the present, but you may subscribe to the feeds you want subject to the terms and conditions.

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Quake 2 RefGL functional map

I've moved this map over from the old website.

It's a functional map of the OpenGL renderer for Quake2 it shows which functions are in which source file, and what calls what.

It was originally the first step in my trying to produce a RefDX renderer, but I never did learn DirectX particularly well.

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Dreamcast bios font page has been updated with some Javascript to help you make use of the characters you need.

On a compatible browser, move the mouse over the tables to find the byte offset for the character.

Also for the JIS X0208 characters you can get the double-byte values for various encodings.

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Dreamcast Bios Font

The SEGA Dreamcast has an extensive font stored in the bios.

Whilst most people will use a texture to produce a pretty font of their own choosing, there are some occasions when you might want to make use of the inbuilt font information. Here is a reference page to help you find the characters you need.

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